International Shipping

So I decided that all of you from Hong Kong, currently living abroad, should have an equal chance of hanging your old neighbourhood on your wall.

Therefore I've opened up for International Shipping to Canada and The United States to begin with.

The rates are:

HK$350 to Canada

HK$400 to United States

It's not cheap I know, but I'm not interested in your map getting lost or taking ages to arrive. I just want it to work. So that's why I'm using our FedEx account to ship all International orders using the Economy 4 day option.

Besides, you'll be able to track it, it'll be delivered right to your door, and if you're not at home at least they'll try to deliver again, and again, until you receive it. I think that's worth paying for.

If you have any questions at all about international orders just drop me a line: