The Fabric of HK.

Celebrating the hard working blue collar backbone of Hong Kong.

A towel to make you remember all of those faces you see everyday.

The Restaurant Staff, Janitors, Garbage Collectors, firemen, Teachers & Delivery guys, who make HK into everything we love about it.

A towel as H.K. as H.K. itself.

Hong Kong Tea Towel Navy - tinyislandmaps

Our Classic Tea Towel sets are back!

Finally, after a lengthy absence, our Hong Kong tea towel is back on the shelf.

Featuring our iconic Hong Kong map artwork, jacquard woven in Turkey for unbeatable durability and unprecedented softness.

A simple kitchen staple, made better.

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Pick up fresh beach towels this month as we clear out the stock of our Sunshine and Softee towels!

When they're gone that's it.

Originally $590 but now...

Grab 1 for $290, or even better, grab 2 for $390!

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Victoria Harbour - Now available in 3 colours!

Victoria Harbour Map - tinyislandmaps

Hong Kong prints.


以香港方式補水。本地手工印刷,採用不含 BPA 的 Tritan 製成,經久耐用 


如果時間允許的話,還有什麼比乘坐電車沿島行駛更令人愉快的呢?自 1902 年起為香港市民提供服務。小島向雄偉的雙層巴士深深鞠躬,這些雙層巴士不知疲倦地從東向西滑行,然後再返回。 



Made of Hong Kong.

Tiny Island was created for many reasons. But most importantly, it's a celebration of the city we love, and the craftsmen that still reside within. Hong Kong's premier gift, souvenir & keepsake brand. Unrivaled and unlike anything else out there.