Corporate & Custom Gifts

Here at Tiny Island we love working with different companies and private customers, producing bespoke gifts for their clients, employees and special events.

Whether it's about Christmas, Anniversary, VIP's, someone's wedding or just a really thoughtful gift, Tiny Island would love to help.

Below are a few of the Corporate Projects and Private gifts that we've worked on over the years.

If you work for a company and you wished they handed out nicer Christmas presents, get them to contact us!

Are you planning your wedding and you'd love to gift the guests something truly unique, drop us a line!

Or perhaps you're simply in the market to upgrade your own business's gifts, premiums and VIP gifts. If so, don't hesitate to get in touch.


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Looking forward to hearing from you!


Black Sheep Group / VIP Gift
Cane handle umbrella with restaurants marked out a sprawling map of Victoria Harbour
AON / Christmas Employee Gift
Custom artwork Sports Towel with Fabric Bag
Aberdeen Boat Club / Product Collaboration for Club Members
500ml A5 shape bottle with hand made silkscreen print
Coastal Trail Challenge / Complimentary & purchasable products
Sports Towel with the Coastal Trail Challenge map for sale
Complimentary Offset printed Race Map print 
AIRSIDE Aeroplane Chess Towel / Influencer & VIP gift for opening
Sportstowel featuring Aeroplane Chess board and Hong Kong icons