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Postcard Pack

Postcard Pack

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When abroad, or at home waiting for someone who is, writing a postcard is a fantastically old school way of staying in touch.

There's emotion not just in the words chosen, but how they are written, and with what kind of pen.

Of course, what you write on matters just as much, so I decided to give some of my latest artworks a new life, travelling the world and making someones day when they arrive in the letterbox.

Or you could simply buy them and never send a single one. They're really quite pretty to just have around. 

Amazing birthday cards as well if you ask me.

  • Made in Hong Kong
  • Offset printed on an old Heidelberg
  • Slightly smaller than your average PC to save on trees
  • Sold as a pack of 10, in case you have more than 1 friend
  • Yes, there's only 8 artworks. You will receive 2 of tram & Star Ferry



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