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No introduction needed. The revered seafood restaurant and cultural icon of the Southside, that languished in the harsh environment brought on by CoVid restrictions.

Ultimately suffering an untimely death in the icy depths of the South China Sea during its purported towing to Cambodia.

What a place, what an ostentatious undertaking and legacy it has left behind, and what a dramatic end to Hong Kong's most famous eatery of them all.

Finally we can unveil our tribute to this absolute legend. 

A 6 colour hand printed masterpiece, as intricate as the JUMBO itself, with gold foil detailing to really bring the exorbitant facade to life.

  • 70X50cm size
  • Fits IKEA frames perfectly
  • Printed on Pastel Blue paper
  • Acid Free 300gsm weight
  • Screen Printed by hand
  • Fade resistant paint
  • Paper resistant to yellowing with age
  • Made in Hong Kong




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