Unique Embroideries

Now you can finally personalise your Hong Kong towel for just $50!

Perhaps your name? Initials? An important date, a quote you like, or a message for someone else.

What You Might Be Asking Yourself:

Q1: How do I order and what can I embroider?

Q1: By choosing "Custom Embroidery" in the dropdown menu before adding your towel to the cart. Right now we're only offering embroidery on our Hong Kong towel

Q2: How do I tell you what I want to embroider?

A2: When you checkout with your order, there's a "comments" section on one of the pages. Just put your embroidery text there. If you can't find it, send a whatsapp to 51070447 with your order number and embroidery text.

Q3: What will the embroidery look like?

A3: That's up to you. Choose Modern, Classic or Script (in the 2nd dropdown menu) and write it exactly the way you want it. All capital letters, all small letters or a mix. We will embroider it the way you send it to us.

Q4: Can I embroider skulls and palm trees and pictures of my pets?

A4: Only text. We have three different fonts. Sans Serif (modern), Serif (classic) and Script (hand written look).

Q5: How long can the text be?

A5: 20cm is the maximum length

Q6: How many letters can I fit in?

A6: We're not quite sure. But 20 including spaces is probably a good guess.

Q7: Where will the embroidery be placed?

A7: We place it centred at the bottom of the towel. Custom placement is not possible i'm afraid.

Q8: What does it cost?

A8: The cost is $50 per embroidery. This includes the service charge of preparing the embroidery artwork, the stitching itself and shipping to and from our partner.

Q9: How long does it take to embroider a towel from order date?

A9: It depends on when you order. We send all embroidery orders on Monday, once a week and send out the finished towel on Friday the same week. So the fastest turnaround would be ordering on a Sunday and receiving it on Monday, 8 days later.