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Wonton Mien Tea Towel

Wonton Mien Tea Towel

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Steaming bowl. Classic white & blue porcelain. Deliciously chewy noodles. Subtle MSG on the tongue. The soft dumpling skin droops as you pick one out of the soup and move it slowly towards your mouth...

Always's makes me think of Mak's Noodle. I know, they're a bit touristy and fancy, but I get into that as well.

This is really a personal favourite of mine. Sometimes you design something that you're just so happy with. From how the spoon turned out, to the noodles becoming the frame... It's a wonderfully balanced and decorative piece.

I think everyone should have 1 at least, but I might be a bit biased.


  • 100% Aegean Cotton
  • Woven in Denizli, Turkey
  • Jacquard woven, not printed.
  • Wash hard, iron, starch, mangle, tumble. It's OK.
  • Celebrates a culinary institution
  • Comes with a practical brand tag for hanging
  • Ships in a beautiful gift box
  • 77 x 40cm



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