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Cheung Chau Navy

Cheung Chau Navy

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Cheung Chau. The long island. Or dumbbell island... or Death Island.

As the saying goes in Swedish, "A loved child has many names".

Humble beginnings as a fishing village with most of its inhabitants living on Junks. The 1898 land lease saw an influx of people and Cheung Chau began to grow.

Businesses selling supplies to the local fisherman sprung up, and by 1911 it had a grand population of almost 8000 people.

Nowadays it's mostly about the bun festival, and the mango mochi's of course. There's also at least one amazing beach and plenty of chill cafes. 

Definitely still retains it's sleepy village feel though.


  • 70x50cm Japanese 242g Archival Paper
  • Screen Printed by hand in Hong Kong
  • Fade proof and made to last
  • Ships rolled in a tube for international orders
  • Fits IKEA frames perfectly
  • Celebrates an iconic Hong Kong Island



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