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Always FREE Shipping & FREE Exchange Within Hong Kong


Things you'll want to know.

What's the shipping cost? 

Don't worry about it, it's FREE of charge. Your map will arrive within 3 working days depending on where in Hong Kong you reside. Outlying islands may take 2 extra days.

What if I prefer to pick-up?

Not a problem. Just swing by G/F, No. 15 Square Street between 11 - 19 any day of the week and grab your map. Coffee is on me.

Why do you need my phone number?

Simply because S.F. Express requires it to be able to deliver your map. If I'm delivering in person I don't really need it, unless I for some reason can't figure out where you live. So in either case it's a good thing.

Will you be spamming me on Whatsapp?

I try to treat others the way I would like to be treated myself. So spamming, or any form of direct marketing through Whatsapp is way too intrusive for my taste.

What about international orders?

Can do. Please email me at if you want to purchase from outside Hong Kong and we can discuss how to make it work.

Where do you ship from?

Currently all prints are shipped from Hong Kong.

Does this mean my print will get stuck in customs and be subjected to import tax and VAT?

This is quite possible. If that should happen I'm afraid we won't be able to help. It's really a trade-off between trying to fly under the radar with a low declared value and having no effective insurance, or stating the true value and risking extra charges. If you would like a lower value and no insurance, please let us know in the notes when checking out.

Are they really as nice as they look?

They're better actually. It's difficult to show how lovely these maps are in pictures, because the subtle print bleed that you can only get from silk screening doesn't show. You can't feel the texture of the paper either, or notice those small fibers in the darker colours that reminds you this paper is recycled. Believe me, the maps are way better in reality.

What if I change my mind?

I'm from Sweden, and in Sweden you're allowed to change your mind. So if you for some reason need to return the map, please do so within 7 days for a full refund. This return policy is only valid if you purchased from You are responsible for returning the map to:

squarestreet ltd. G/F, 15 Square Street, Sheung Wan

 Note: Framed maps can not be returned or refunded.