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HK Manhole Tee

HK Manhole Tee

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Not everyone will recognise this one immediately.

But if you spent as much time looking at manholes as you do looking at round corner buildings, then you would have spotted that "chicken foot" placed in between the H and the K a long time ago.

Perhaps a more subtle icon of our city in that sense. 

It is said that the "chicken foot" symbol (that in my opinion does a good job of looking like an arrow) means the manhole cover was manufactured pre-handover.

Everything has a (hi)story to tell, as they say.

  • 100% Cotton
  • Made in Turkey
  • All sizes are Men's cut (meaning they are straight side seams)
  • Sizing fits like Uniqlo but 1 size bigger, so S is like a Uniqlo M
  • Fit is also slightly longer in the body than standard.
  • If it doesn't fit, you can always bring it back and exchange!



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