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Let them eat MSG Tote

Let them eat MSG Tote

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You, me and a sprinkle of MSG. 

Unavoidable, unparalleled and undoubtedly the most cherished flavour on the Asian palette.

Much like the cockroaches of our city, MSG is considered extremely dangerous and best avoided at all costs.

But come on folks, it's just another type of salt, and a cockroaches are just a different type of beetle, not the work of Satan.

Tiny Island salutes Kikunae Ikeda, the inventor of MSG.

  • Printed in Hong Kong
  • 100% Linen
  • Cotton webbing straps
  • Tote bag made in India
  • Dimensions (cm) W35 H42 D8
  • 50cm shoulder strap
  • Secure inner pocket for phone
  • Whitty Depot logo label on inside pocket



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